2016 Chicago Open Taekwondo Championships

April 9th

Team USA Spirit led by 3rd Degree Black Belt Danny Hacker who solidified his place as one of the best in the history of our Academy. Danny had three tremendous matches as he finished with the Gold in a exhausting day of Olympic Style sparring. In his last matched that put him against a former team member who left our Academy to better himself? He towered over a smaller in stature but a Very Big heart Danny. The end result story of David vs Goliath did not change on Saturday as Danny won the match showing tremendous heart,determination,skill,never quitting and listening to one voice.

Logan Mertens Smigielski also had a great day winning his sparring match scoring first in the sudden death tie breaker and placing third in forms.

Jack Mertens Smigielski showed his love for the Art finishing the day placing 3rd in sparring and Forms.

I special Thank you to the parents that were there to support our Team:

Jim and Susan Hacker and Martina Mertens Smigielski

2016 Midwest Taekwondo Championships

February 20,2016 Elgin Community College

Team USA Spirit Martial Arts Students had a Great day of Competition.

Leading the Way was 3rd Dan Black Belt Danny Hacker placing 1st in Sparring.

Xander Lawlor placed 1st in Sparring.

Casey Treanor placed 2nd in Forms and 3rd in Sparring.

Rayden Cherco entering his 1st Competition at the Black Belt level place 1st in Sparring.

Dallas Welch in his first competition placed 1st in forms but was disqualified in sparring with a hard kick to his opponents helmet.

Logan Mertens Smigielski in his first competition placed 1st in Sparring and 3rd in forms.

Jack Mertens Smigielski in his first competition placed 3rd in Forms and after showing tremendous spirit placed 2nd in Sparring.

Master Washington was extremely happy with all competitors and parents and relatives that showed up to support our Team.

All of you should be so happy for our students and families that really represented us well.

2016 USAT State Competition/Nationals Qualifier

The Odium - Villa Park

Team USA Spirit Results:

Black Belt Division -

Danny Hacker Placed 2nd in Olympic Sparring(Silver)

Alexander Lawlor Place 3rd in Olympic Sparring(Bronze)

In The Green Belt Division -

Logan Mertens Smigielski Placed 1st in Olympic Sparring. State Champion (Gold)

Jack Mertens Smigielski had a terrific day as he Placed 3rd in forms and 1st in Olympic Sparring. State Champion(Gold)

2016 USA Champyon International Championships

June 6 2016 Hammond Indiana Civic Center

Team USA Spirit Students and Parents Enjoyed a great day of All Olympic Style Sparring Competition.

In The Black belt Division:

Danny Hacker finished the day with a bronze Medal. His First Matched was against a Team Mexico competitor,his second Match he faced a Competitor from team Wisconsin and his third match was against a student from Team Peak out of Minnesota.

Nikolai Alferez had a great day after a two year layoff from competing placing 5th with two great matches.

Logan Smigielski finished the day with the Gold in his color belt division with two great matches.

Jack Smigielski placed third with the Bronze in his color belt division.

2017 USA Taekwondo Illinois State/Nationals Qualifier

April 22, 2017 Villa Park,Il.

Team USA Spirit competitors had a great day of competition.

Placing 1st in Olympic Style Sparring in the Black Belt division: Danny Hacker,Alexander Lawlor and Nikolai Alferez. Placing 3rd in his Black Division was Rayden Cherco.

Placing Second in there Color belt divisions was Logan and Jack Mertens Smigielski.

All competitors qualified for this years USA Taekwondo Nationals to be held in Detroit later this Summer.

2017 USA Taekwondo Nationals Results


Team USA Spirit finished Nationals with two Bronze medals and everlasting memories.

Nikolai Alferez was the first Team member to compete on Friday and got a 1st match bye and placed third bringing home a bronze medal.

Danny Hacker competed on Sunday and had a great day. Danny had three tough matches and was one match away from competing for gold and becoming a member of the USA Junior National Team. Bringing home a third place finish and Bronze medal.

Danny and Niko fished with a ranking of 3rd in the country at there Black belt divisions.

Rayden Cherco in his first appearance at nationals had two matches in his Black belt Division. He won the first match and had a very tough 2nd match finishing with a 9th place ranking in the country.

Logan Mertens-Smigielski had a tough first match in his blue belt division.Another first timer at Nationals had a great experience and learned a lot to take into his next event.