GrandMaster Chul Koo Yoon

One of the Founding Father's of Taekwondo in Indiana and the USA.

GrandMaster Yoon has over 40years of Teaching Excellence.

Has Promoted over 2,500 BlackBelts as Founder of KTA (Korea Taekwondo Academy) based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Master Washington Began his Taekwondo Journey with GrandMaster Yoon.

GrandMaster Yoon now resides in San Diego, California.

Indiana State TKD President for twenty years

1990 USTU Coach of the Year

Hosted the Pan Am Games in 1987

GrandMaster Duk Gun Kwon

President of the United States National TKD Federation.

Dr Kwon is one of the Founding Father's of TKD in America and Internationally.

Recognized WorldWide in his Leadership and the elevation of TKD as an Olympic Sport.

Member of the WTF Kukkiwon testing Board.

Dr Kwon has a tremendous list of accomplishments and awards as he has been a great Mentor for Master Washington.