Forever Connected My First Four(White to BlackBelt)

A Special Poem from your Master

TaeKwonDo Tenets

Courtesy - Is giving a Bow, To BlackBelts and Teachers who show you how,

It's doing your chores before you are asked,

and being Helpful in every Class.

It's Simple words like Thankyou and Please and never no never to hurt or Tease.

INTEGRITY - IS The Simple Rule of Being Honest

at home and at School.

It's never cheating when taking a test or

thinking you're better than the rest.

To lie or to steal just wouldn't be right,

So try to be honest with all your Might.

PERSEVERANCE - is telling your Heart

You're going to Finish what you Start.

It's Refusing to Quit when the going gets tough,

or Start to Cry when Sparring gets Rough.

It's not giving up on the Board you must Break,

No matter how many tries it may take.

SELF CONTROL - States a simple fact,

You should always Think before you act.

It's Standing in Class, not a Muscle you twitch,

even if only to Scratch an Itch.

It's counting to ten when things make you mad

and then walking away because Fighting is Bad.

INDOMITABLE SPIRIT - is not Showing Fear,

or Running away when trouble is near.

It's knowing in Life there's some risk you must

take and along the way some Mistakes you may make.

It's Standing up proudly and thinking with glee'